Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics or anti wrinkle injections make you look younger by smoothing out unwanted age lines.

At Thanet House dental Care we use a range of Dermal fillers and Botox to achieve natural looking results and reverse the signs of ageing. Dr Parvin Faramarzi  & Dr Parisa Shoaei have both undergone extensive training and have many years of experience in facial aesthetics. They know and understand just how delicate a person’s face is and are very experienced in achieving very natural results.


Dermal Fillers


Dermal filler such as, Restylane and Profhilo, smooth wrinkles and improve the definition of facial features such as cheekbones. They can add volume to diminish jowls, improve jaw lines and the delicate eye areas as well as improving the overall skin appearance. They are used to smooth out wrinkles and lines, for filling out and shaping lips and defining facial contours.

Both Restylane and Profhilo are made of Hyaluronic acid and do not contain any animal or human DNA unlike other dermal fillers on the market. Both have an excellent safety record. Profhilo is a relatively new facial filler which is made of highly purified Hyaluronic acid and contains no chemicals to stabilise the product. Profhilo stimulates the collagen and elastin of the skin and has a plumping, lifting effect.

It can safely rejuvenate difficult areas such as the neck, forehead and even the hands. Hyaluronic acid is completely broken down within the skin leaving no trace making this product a true breakthrough in anti-ageing treatments.




Botox injections relax the muscle which in turn reduces expression lines such as smile lines or frown lines. Botox, or Botulinum toxin, blocks the connection between the nerve and the muscle, resulting in a relaxed and rested appearance with no wrinkles.

The effects will vary depending on the amount used. Botox can be used to rejuvenate the forehead, frown lines, smile lines, neck, chin, lips, and nose and to refine the jaw line.

Consultation appointments start from as little as £25.00 (fee deducted from your first session of treatment).

What our Patients say:

I have been seen by Parisa and Lilly and honestly, that was the most pleasant visit I have had there.

The ladies were great and they are a real credit to Thanet House Dental!

The gentleman on the reception is always polite and today he was helping someone that got hurt outside and the compassion shown was heart-warming to see.

November 2021

I am happy to say that I was delighted with  my recent visit in all respects – as always.

September 2021


I was delighted with the service I received today!

Lynne September 2021

I have been extremely happy with every aspect of my dental care since i transferred to Thanet House Dental Care from my previous provider. As such, since i was recommended to Thanet House Dental Care by a family member, i would be happy to similarly recommend the practice to others, if asked

Lynne, January 2021

We have been patients of the practice for many years, and have always been happy with the dental treatment we have received, and would most certainly recommend the practice to others

David & Ann January 2021

“I would like to thank Dr Parvin and her team in Thanet House Dental for their professionalism and utmost care provided always. I am well impressed by the endodontist, Tanya I had an appointment with today. She kept me informed on the procedures all the way and I could feel that I was in very safe and experienced hands. The whole procedure was painless. I would highly recommend Tanya.”

A Patient, November 2020

“Really impressed with the work of Dr Uchenna Obhio, I had a filling on the side of my tooth which needed to be replaced – can’t tell there’s ever been a hole there, it just looks like a natural tooth.”

A Patient, November 2020

“I just wanted to say thank you to Parvin for treating me with so much kindness and patience today. I was extremely nervous and Parvin was amazing.
The injections meant I couldn’t express myself in person so this is the next best thing! Thank you also to the lovely lady on reception who was exceedingly polite and professional.”

A Patient, November 2020

“I cannot say enough about the care that your surgery has given my husband and myself over the last twenty years would not cannot praise you all enough. Thank you all so much.”

A Patient, September 2020

“I have used Thanet House Dental Care service for many years, and I am only ceasing to do so in the future because I am moving a very considerable distance away from the area. Throughout my association with this service I have always found the administrative and nursing staff staff to be very efficient, sympathetic, and understanding of ones needs. I have had a long association with the principal of the service, and she has always been the person who has taken care of my dental requirements and treatment. I cannot thank her enough for the years of professional care she has devoted to me. She heads a very well-run establishment, which should be a model for other practises to follow. I thank them all, and wish them all well in the future.”

A Patient, October 2019

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